Young Women’s Justice Project Literature Review

Agenda and the Standing Committee for Youth Justice (SCYJ) publish their literature review as part of the Young Women’s Justice Project which shines a light on the experiences of young  women aged 17–25  years old in contact with the criminal justice system, including the experiences of girls transitioning into adult services as they turn 18.

Young women in contact with the criminal justice system are overlooked, ignored and misunderstood. A minority within a minority, little is understood about their experiences.

This literature review has been produced to:  map and grow the evidence-base around young adult women in contact with the criminal justice system; provide a foundation for more effective policy and practice by identifying the core components of an age-appropriate, gender-sensitive and trauma-informed response; and identify gaps in knowledge in order to inform the direction of future work.

Read the Executive Summary here.
Read the Literature Review here.