SCYJ Joint Briefing with SEC for House of Lords Report Stage of the Children and Families Bill

The Children and Families Bill will have it’s third day of House of Lords Report Stage on 7th January 2014.

SCYJ are working in conjunction with the Special Educational Consortium to brief Peers around Clause 70 – a portion of the Bill which meant children in custody were exempt from having their SEN needs met. Since the inception of the Children and Families Bill we have been working with the Government to provide a suitable alternative to ensure that children in custody can have their EHC plans follow them right through custody and into resettlement with minimal disruption.

The Government have since laid their amendments. We warmly welcome the Government’s intention to now delete Clause 70 from the Bill, however, we believe the Government isn’t putting a strong enough duty on local authorities to ensure children in csutody have the right to access the educational provision specified in an Education, Health and Care plan.