SCYJ, Howard League & CRAE Publish Briefing on Criminal Justice and Courts Bill Second Reading

The Standing Committee for Youth Justice, alongside the Howard League for Penal Reform and the Children’s Rights Alliance for England have produced a briefing outlining our concerns with the Secure College proposals in the Criminal Justice & Courts Bill.  The main points we are concerned about are:

  • The size of secure colleges and the negative impacts this will have on child safety and secure children’s homes
  • The inclusion of children and girls as young as 12 in Secure Colleges and the impact this could have on their rehabilitation and safety
  • The use of restraint in Secure Colleges to “ensure good order and discipline”

The full briefing can be viewed here: SCYJ, Howard League & CRAE Briefing on Criminal Justice and Courts Bill Second Reading

More detail about the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill is available on the parliament website.

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Anti-social Behaviour: A message to our supporters

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your help in protecting children’s rights!

The Government has announced that they will support the will of the House of Lords by retaining the definition of anti-social behaviour as causing “harassment, alarm or distress” in the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill.

In an overwhelming government defeat, the House of Lords voted to scrap the government’s definition of anti-social behaviour – behaviour causing “nuisance or annoyance” – and stick to the original “harassment alarm or distress” definition.

We were concerned that – as the Bill moved back to the House of Commons – the government could take this opportunity to undo the amendment decided upon by Peers. Thankfully, the government accepted the will of the House of Lords and therefore the change to the legislation.

So we wanted to thank you for taking the time to sign and share the petition – we couldn’t have stopped this legislation without your help.

You can keep up to date with the rest of our work by following us on twitter or signing up to receive email updates.

And finally, a special thank you to our colleagues in the Children’s Society, JUSTICE and the Criminal Justice Alliance for working tirelessly with us on this issue.


SCYJ and SEC welcome Government amendments to the Children and Families Bill

SCYJ and the Special Educational Consortium (SEC) warmly welcome Government amendments to the Children and Families Bill on Special Educational Need (SEN) provision for children in custody.

As originally drafted, the Bill excluded children from the new SEN framework set out in the Bill. We have been working with Government to change this.

The Government tabled amendments at House of Lords Report Stage. These were welcome but we felt there was room to go further. We are very pleased that the Government has now tabled further amendments for Third Reading in the House of Lords – which will take place on 5th February – which strengthen the way the new SEN framework applies to children in custody.

We believe these changes will significantly improve the position of children and young people with SEN in custody and have published a briefing for peers welcoming the Government’s amendments.

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