SCYJ submission to the UNCRC consultation on the General Comment on Children’s Rights in juvenile justice

SCYJ has responded to a consultation by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on updating its General Comment No. 10 (2007): Children’s rights in juvenile justice.

Our response welcomes a number of proposed changes, including:

  • an increased focus on wider prevention and diversion;
  • emphasis on the harm of custody and recommending the introduction of a minimum age of deprivation of liberty of 16;
  • increasing the minimum age of criminal responsibility the committee considers acceptable from at least 12 to 14, with higher ages encouraged;
  • clarification that a child’s anonymity should be maintained after they turn 18, and recognition that States parties must take steps to prevent the naming of children on social media.

We also make a number of recommendations to strengthen the protection of children in contact with the law.

Read our full response here.