SCYJ submission to the Home Office consultation on PACE Code C

SCYJ has made a submission to the Home Office consultation on the revision of PACE code C, which outlines requirements for the detention, treatment and questioning of suspects in police custody.

SCYJ has concerns over changes to the definition of vulnerable adult: it is important that it is made clear that the protections and procedures that apply to vulnerable adults apply equally to children with vulnerabilities.

SCYJ welcomes the fact that the revised Code seeks to define the role of the Appropriate Adult, and makes recommendations to improve the definition.

SCYJ has concerns over the use of video link to conduct interviews and reviews of detention, namely that the use of live link can damage a child’s ability to participate effectively and can interfere with the ability to accurately judge a child’s welfare and vulnerabilities. Safeguards are needed to ensure live link is only used when appropriate.

SCYJ has serious concerns about the use of voluntary interviews due to safeguards that apply to children in police custody not being applied to voluntary or home interviews. We welcome the provision of information about rights and entitlements to suspects in advance of a voluntary interview, but seek further clarifications and safeguards.

You can read our submission here.