SCYJ submission to the AGO call for evidence on social media and the administration of justice

SCYJ has made a submission to the Attorney General’s Office’s (AGO) call for evidence on breaches of reporting restrictions on social media. We are aware of instances of reporting restrictions being breached on social media and in internet searches.

SCYJ believes the law as it stands is clear and enforceable but is undermined by: a) a statutory loophole allowing children to be identified pre-charge; b) the absence of a clear route for bringing breaches to the attention of social media providers; and c) a failure of social media providers (and others) effectively to remove illegal material where this is brought to their attention.

Breaches of reporting restrictions on social media could be reduced and tackled if: a) internet companies made reporting breaches simpler and clearer; b) internet companies took swift and effective action to prevent breaches; c) the AGO, police and Crown Prosecution Service took action against offenders; d) the law was changed to prevent children being named pre-charge; and e) a public education campaign was launched to ensure people are aware of the law on reporting restrictions.

You can read our submission here.