Endorse our principles of criminal record reform!

SCYJ is urging organisations to endorse the principle of childhood criminal record reform – we want to show the government the breadth of support for changing the system and we’ll be making endorsers public in due course. To add your support to the principles set out below, email tessa.murphy@scyj.org.uk:

The criminal records system in England and Wales is a barrier to the rehabilitation of children who have offended.

It is in society’s best interests for these children to be given every opportunity to become positive, contributing members of their community. Research shows that education, training, employment and housing can help children to free themselves from crime. Yet the criminal records framework hinders access to such services and stigmatises those who are trying to turn their lives around.

We need a criminal record system that is child-specific, fair and actively promotes the rehabilitation and reintegration of children who have offended. A reformed system can protect the public, without harming children’s opportunity to change.

Endorse these principles now by emailing  tessa.murphy@scyj.org.uk with your support.